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If you are an artist, promoter or manager looking for airtime and exposure. Feel free to contact either Audrey King or Fishing DJ TJ and we will be happy to listen to what you have to offer and consider it for our shows..

Audrey King ~ 

Fishing DJ TJ~ 

Please say:

"Hello This Is ______ (Give Your Name) and you are listening to my music on Fishing Country Now & Cowgirl Divas Radio. You can find out more about me and my music on _________"
(Give Any websites where folks can find out more about you and purchase your music)

Indies Against Hunger Tour

Indies Against Hunger Tour

National Professional Anglers Assoc.

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Fishing Country Now Radio is an internet radio station heard in 99 countries around the world. Bringing you the best in Country Indie Artists you will find any where. We are partner stations with Cowgirl Divas Radio and have other stations that we are affiliates with as well. 

We are on the air 24 hours a day ~ 7 Days a week.  We play primarily Country, Bluegrass, Gospel and Classic Rock at times. 

But we never know what Fishing DJ TJ will put on there. You can bet it will be fun and entertaining to say the least.. 

Tune in and we will Rock You ~ Country Style.. Enjoy..

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